In 8th grade, I remember once my friend came to me and said that his cousin hacked his friend’s account. Curiously I asked how did he do it. He replied that his password was written on the back of his notebook so he used that to hack his password. After this, I was with the thought that hacking is simple, just open people’s books. But then after a lot of research, I found out that he was wrong. Finding out people’s passwords by the above method isn’t hacking. It is called an invasion of secrecy.

Now I will elaborate on passwords a bit so do stick with me I would appreciate it. When you are trying to set a password you will see the fact that it asks you to use symbols, alphanumerics, and much more. The reason is that the tougher the password longer the time it will take to crack it. If you set a longer password then it will be nearly impossible to crack. But if you use passwords like your name then it would be quite simple to guess. Now let me use Permutation to explain that. Let us say you listen to my advice and you made a password comprising of about 12 letters. If you observe your keyboard there are 26 letters which are 52 letters including capital and small, 10 numbers, 10 special symbols, and 22 other characters like a comma, space, etc. then if we calculate it we get 92 possibilities for the first position itself. If we use the formula, Possible Combination = Possible Number of Characters ^ Password Length. We get an estimate of 9412 approximately 475,920,314,814,253,376,475,136 possible combinations. If we use a human brute force attack then it will take almost 7.5 million years.

Now you may ask, how is it possible that people find out passwords so easily, well that is because the hackers use software like Kali Linux and some comfort in python, use python for finding passwords. Yet it is very difficult to crack passwords. So don’t go and tell your friends about ur password.

Now you may be thinking that what I told above is hacking, but son you are wrong this is a brute force attack, you can read about it in Aditya Pentyala’s post. Now I will share with you how hacking happens. If I have a device that I want to hack or if I want some information from a device. So I unlock the computer which I want to hack, then I go to the computer’s information and copy all that such as the IP address, etc. Then I open any software that allows me to hack such as Kali Linux. Then I enter all this data that is necessary and run the code. Then I can get Acces to the device and I can open its files.

There is another way of hacking which is called infection. This you may have seen in the sequel of Mission Impossible. In this method, I code a pen-drive with a virus that damages the system and then copies all the information onto the pen-drive, and then after it finishes you can insert it in your computer only after you have an anti-virus. This sounds very easy but coding the virus is very tough.

These are the two main ways of hacking. Now after you get into a user’s device then you can use these commands. I will cover only a few important commands.

# historyThis command is used to print the history of the application the user has accessed it also prints what the user does in those applications
# freeThe command provides us with available/free space in the RAM or ROM or the Memory and it also shows is the user has done a memory swap with buffer memory and swap memory with buffer
# viThis command can be used to edit any file the user is currently accessing
# sortThis command is used to sort out all the recent things the user has done according to time chronology
# moreThis command is used to display output in the terminal, one page at a time.
# lessThis command can be used to just view the contents of a file instead of opening it
# dateThis command is used to display the system date and time.
# lsThis command is used to list out all the files hidden/protected by the user
# usersThis command is used to depict which user has logged in to the device
# uptimeThis command is used to depict the time since the device is on
# unameIt prints information about the current system.
# rmThis command is used to delete a selected file or a current file being accessed by the user
# mvThis command is used to rename files
# cpThis command is used to copy files.
# catThis command is used to create single or multiple files, view contained files, concatenate files, and redirect output in terminal or files.

Now using these commands anyone can access the computer and use its data. Now if you were reading till here then do comment. Now I will talk about how Bollywood movies show hacking as if you have to type a lot of codes. Well, that’s not the case. You need to have a specific target and the above commands.

Now, let’s talk about the history of hacking. You may be thinking that hacking started in recent times, but you are wrong. Hacking had started long ago back in 1878. After the discovery of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell hadn’t thought about the telephone wires being intercepted. At that point in time hackers were called practical jokers. What had happened was that a group of practical jokers during their teenage had broken the circuit wires and connected them with switchboards which would misdirect calls. As a matter of fact, during this process of misdirecting calls America’s secret information was leaked when Teddy Roosevelt’s call was intercepted.

Then in 1970 to get good marks in his computer exam a student of MIT used cheats or hacks to give full marks to any project done by him. When the professor saw that the student had got full marks in all the projects but wasn’t able to answer in class, he quickly went to the student and asked him how he did it. This gave the world its first ethical hacker. He went further and worked for companies by correcting the flaws in their computers. Coming back to it, that very same student taught his colleagues how to do it. And one of them had used it to get into the system, deleting all the files and blamed it on the other students, just like an imposter in AmongUs. Then he went on to be the first Black Hat hacker.

Then after cybersecurity became a thing, then came the revolutionary software called KaliLinux, which helped all types of hackers. After this many hackers went on to become criminals, and the recent news was about the Anonymous Hackers who had taken revenge from the police who were responsible for the killing of George Floyd.

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