Apple announced that they were going to be independent and they are going to make their chips for their laptops. The event heads at Apple spoke about how great the chip was expectations were high, when the chip arrived Apple met all the customer’s expectations.

The Mac M1 Chip showed a change, with a leap in performance per watt, every Mac with M1 is transformed into a completely different product. Until now, a Mac needed multiple chips to deliver all of its features — including the processor, I/O, security, and memory. With M1, these technologies are combined into a single system on a chip (SoC), delivering a new level of, and amazing performance. And with incredibly small transistors measured at an atomic scale, M1 is complex — packing the largest number of transistors into a single chip. It’s also the first personal computer chip built using industry‑leading 5‑nanometer process technology.

The chip has a 5-nanometer process, 16 billion transistors, an 8-core CPU, 3.9 times faster video processing, up to 7.1 times faster image processing, 3.5 times faster Cpu performance.

Okay, now I shall talk about my personal experience. M1 delivers higher performance at every power level when compared with the very latest PC laptop chip. At just 10 watts (Lesser than your room bulb), M1 delivers up to 2x the CPU performance of the PC chip. This can be seen in the way the laptop recovers from sleep mode. In previous laptops, it used to take time to turn on, but now you can just lift the lid and start working.
At every power level, M1 delivers higher graphics performance than the very latest PC laptop chip — for up to 2x the graphics speed. And M1 can match the peak performance of the PC chip while using just one-third of the power. This I could see while playing, GTA, and many other games with high graphics.

M1 extends battery life even while bringing an increase in performance.macOS Big Sur feature intelligently allocates tasks between the M1 performance and efficiency cores — automatically optimizing for lightweight tasks like reading a note or performance‑intensive tasks. Due to this the battery life lasts up to 20 hours.

Apple chips use RISC, or Reduced Instruction Set Computer. is a type of microprocessor architecture that utilizes a small, highly-optimized set of instructions, rather than a more specialized set of instructions often found in other types of chips such as Intel or Rizen. By using a small set of instructions it becomes easier for the chip to read and executes instructions. This is what makes Apple M1 chips better than the other chips.

Personally, I felt it was really good. The laptop was working as smooth as butter. If you have an option you should surely go for this because it lasts longer and is more efficient compared to other chips.

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