As mitchel resnick once said “As i see it, whoever’s doing the inventing is also doing most of the learning – and probably most of the fun.” 

Let’s make coding fun and invent some virtual confetti on scratch,

First choose a sprite

Choose a backdrop

Block 1 – 

This block is put as this block creates clones of the same sprite, and changes the colour of the sprite (Ball).

Block 2 –

This block makes the balls (confetti) disappear when it touches the edge of the screen.

Block 3 and 4 – 

These two blocks make the size of the ball (confetti) bigger or tinier. 

b – stands for big

t – stands for tiny 

You can change the size to by putting any number instead of ten or – 10 like: 

Block 5 and 6 – 

These two blocks make the speed of the balls (confetti) faster or slower. 
s – stands for slow
f – stands for fast 
You can change the speed of the confetti by changing the set time put in.

Block 7 and 8 – 

This block is used to make the confetti very small like this:

You can change the percentage too depending on how big you want it.
x – stands for extra small 

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