Call of Duty released an alpha version of their new game (Call of Duty Black Ops: COLD WAR) this weekend with a free-to-play multiplayer with 2 modes. Although this was a short time period with only limited access to the game, a lot can be learned about what to expect from this game.

The Graphics:

I am sure the first thing that caught everyone’s eye when they booted up the game was the amazing graphics.

I, personally, was mind-blown by them. The extreme detail, the aesthetic colours all build up to make a game that is so pleasing to look at.

One map, in particular, called “Miami” (although not my favourite for gameplay ;)), really stood out for me. From the colours of the floor to the light emitted from the lamps, everything was just perfect. Another map, “Satellite” (my personal favourite), stood out too. The texture in the sand and thevisually apppealing colours really took me aback.

Now, why is this so?

This may be because, in this game, Treyarch used its own engine to develop this game, as opposed to the one Infinity Ward used in the development of the game before this one, Modern Warfare.

This could be the reason for the jump in graphics.

Another notable feature is the use of ray-tracing technology in this game. Ray-tracing technology is the latest leap in game development. It greatly increases the realistic look of the game by casting accurate shadows and almost completely mimicking the actual behaviour of light. However, this process requires a lot of computing power and is not used in competitive situations. Due to its expensive requirements, it requires a strong graphics processor. Recently Nvidia talked about some new graphics cards that will be released (30 series graphics cards). These will be very helpful as they promise the same price with double the power.

Ray-tracing can be enabled using the RTX features. This was available in Modern Warfare also.

However, not everyone agrees with the notion that cold war has superior graphics.

The Gameplay:

Comparing gameplay of COLD WAR with other Call of Duty games is quite premature right now as all we have seen of this game is the alpha version with limited maps and modes. We haven’t even seen the new game modes that the developers have talked about like “VIP escort” and “Fireteam”.

However, we can comment on the quality of gameplay seen in the alpha version.

The style of gameplay in this is typical of any black ops game. I personally love it.

The movements are smooth, the weapon animations are sublime, and the overall gameplay is fun.

Let’s talk a little bit about the guns.

In my opinion, the functionality of the guns in this game is just perfect. No gun is too overpowered, with the exception of the AK-74u obviously.

Sniping is probably the most satisfying of all gameplay in this game. The LWR Tundra absolutely destroys if used properly.

I personally ran an LWR tundra and MP5 class.

Keeping personal opinions aside, the reactions of others have been, at best, mixed. Many people loved the game, but others were not happy with the style.

Another cool feature of this game is the cross-gen feature that allows us the play the game across generations of consoles, i.e., from ps4 to ps5 for example.

All in all, I loved the game. Though this was just the alpha version it gave a very interesting insight into how the actual game will look.

The general opinion was also positive with hopes for further improvements.

The full game will release on 13th November.

Expectations are high and I’m sure they will be met as Call of Duty always finds a way to stay relevant :).

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