Disclaimer: This post is made only to explain the mechanism behind “AimBot”. The use of AimBot can cause a permanent BAN from the respective game. This post does not endorse the use of hacks in games.

What is it?

“AimBot” is A term we use quite often while gaming. However, it is often misunderstood and the people who use it may not know the mechanisms behind the working of “AimBot”.

Essentially, AimBot is a piece of code that provides varying levels of Automated target acquisition and “lock-on” for the player using this hack. This means that this code automatically identifies an enemy and locks onto the enemy and all the user has to do is fire. It is mostly used in multiplayer FPS(First Person Shooter) games.

How does it work?

First of all, there are many types of AimBots.

  1. Colour AimBots:
    These AimBots do not require any change in the executable files of the game, hence it is hard for anti-cheat software to identify these. Basically, it is a program that runs side-by-side with the game. A specific RGB value is assigned to an enemy and the program automatically takes the cursor to the spot where it identified the given RGB value and can also be programmed to shoot. There are many drawbacks to this type of AimBot. Firstly, the program might identify parts of the landscape or other teammates as the given RGB value and shoot at them. Also, it is relatively ineffective in newer games as the colour of the enemies is constantly changing due to “ray-tracing” and other light-shadow processes.
  2. Content Hacks:
    This AimBot mainly customizes the settings of the game and makes the game render images differently. For example, it might make the game display enemies in a bright red colour and teammates in a bright blue colour. Also, you can play with the transparency of walls and see where people are through walls. This is often used along with colour AimBot in order to make it more effective. This also does not tamper with game files and hence, is hard to identify by anti-cheat software.
  3. Client Hook AimBots:
    This is a slightly more complicated type of AimBot. In this the executable files of the game itself are modified and forced to run a separate external file, where most of the AimBot /hacking code is. Mainly, it works on changing game mechanics and allows you to change certain features like neglect recoil. Also, it allows several features like tracing the position of enemies based on their position that is recorded in the memory of the game. Since this AimBot tampers with files of the game, it is easier for anti-cheat software to detect them.
  4. Graphics Driver AimBots:
    These are by far the most complicated type of AimBots. This hijacks the graphic rendering software and is able to track and pinpoint the coordinates of all the players on the server. In some versions, it is able to detect when an enemy comes into unobstructed view and can also shoot that enemy. It is extremely effective as it is able to shoot enemies that are out of the players visible range.

Re-iterating what was said before, Please do not use such hacks. It might cause you to get banned and is also very unethical.

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