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Factors related to water, sanitation, and hygiene affect children’s right to education in many ways. For example, 400 million school-aged children a year are infected by intestinal worms, which sap their learning abilities UNICEF WASH in Schools

Children have a right to basic facilities such as school toilets, safe drinking water. Water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools create an enabling environment that secures children’s dignity, safety, health, and attendance in classes.

The method is designed to be crowd-sourced and handled by groups such as school students, enabling them to be stakeholders in environmental management.
The main aim of this website is to share the idea and purpose of Automated water testing for children.
it includes the source code and documentation for installation and steps by step instructions.

For More info visit https://www.watermon.org
Stay Tuned as I update the steps to make the device work

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